• Govind Pink Rock Salt (SENDHA Namak) Powder

Govind Pink Rock Salt (SENDHA Namak) Powder

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Pink Rock salt is a naturally pink coloured variety of salt that is mined in Pakistan near the Himalayan Mountains of South Asia. Pink Rock salt is mined like rock salt; however, it is technically sea salt. Salt is a nutrient that plays an important role in maintaining human health. However, excess salt in our diet can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Pink Rock salt is being used as analternative to table salt due to its health benefits. Pink Rock salt has superior mineral content compared to table or sea salt. It contains lower sodium chloride compared to table salt.

Pink Rock salt inhalers can help cleanse the respiratory system and may relieve symptoms of asthma, hay fever, and allergies. Pink Rock salt reduces symptoms of conditions like sinus infections and asthma. Pink Rock salt may enhance serotonin levels in your body. This chemical helps reduce stress, boost energy and relieve depression. Due to its high mineral content, Pink Rock salt may help you get sound sleep. Pink Rock salt contains Deepan (appetizing) and Pachan (digestive) properties. These help in solving digestive problems and prevent gas accumulation.

Govind Pink Rock Salt Powder is used in different ways depending on its use like Cooking, Seasoning, Preserving Food etc. 

Country of Origin: India
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Made from traditional method to ensure premium quality and taste

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