• Govind Sabji Masala
  • Govind Sabji Masala
  • Govind Sabji Masala

Govind Sabji Masala

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To make any vegetable recipe interesting, it’s required to add the perfect blend of spices which gives the rich taste to the dish. Govind Sabji Masala is a combination of perfectly blended Indian spices which gives rich aroma to any vegetable dishes.

Sprinkle Govind Sabji Masala at the end of your recipe and stir the vegetable in a lower flame for few minutes. Cover with a lid to allow the vegetable to retain the flavour of sabji masala. In a few minutes, you will get delicious and aromatic vegetables. This Govind Sabji Masala gives a delicious taste to any vegetable, lentils, pakora, samosa, and many more.

Country of Origin: India
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Made from traditional method to ensure premium quality and taste

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