• Govind JalJeera Masala
  • Govind JalJeera Masala

Govind JalJeera Masala

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The word Jaljeera is a combination Hindi word: Jal + Jeera. Jal means water and Jeera means cumin, so Jaljeera literally means 'cumin water'. It is made with fresh lime, coriander and mint, and is seasoned with cumin, chaat masala, and dry mango powder. A touch of sugar brings the whole drink together!

Think of it as a cumin and herb spiced lemonade! This popular north-Indian drink is known for it’s cooling and digestive properties, and for that reason it's a must-have during summers. Jal jeera is not only refreshing on a hot summer day, but the combination of mint, lime, sugar and salt keeps the body hydrated and helps maintain body temperature. Jeera water is also known to jump-start body's metabolism and balance blood sugar.

Govind Jaljeera Masala has these all ingredients and an ultimate flavour.

Country of Origin: India
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Made from traditional method to ensure premium quality and taste

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