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  • Govind Kasoori Methi

Govind Kasoori Methi

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Kasoori methi or kasuri methi are dried fenugreek leaves that are used widely in Indian cooking. Many people must be aware that Kasoori Methi is known to be one of the most important Indian

spices used in curries, vegetables, parathas, and more. These dried leaves of Fenugreek plant are popular for their bitter yet addictively aromatic flavour. Besides adding a unique taste and flavour to the dish, Kasoori Methi also has many health benefits. Kasoori Methi is available in the form of dry leaves as well as seeds.

There are times when people just confused the two- Methi and Kasuri Methi. There is no difference between the two. Methi is fresh green leaves of Fenugreek plant while Kasoori Methi are the dried leaves of the Fenugreek plant, which can be preserved for later use.

Country of Origin: India
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Made from traditional method to ensure premium quality and taste

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