• Govind Coriander Powder

Govind Coriander Powder

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Coriander seeds have a pleasing lemony flavour and floral aroma. A perfect blend of garden-fresh fragrance and natural green colour. Coriander Powder is widely used to give gravy from to Indian cuisine. Coriander is native to the Mediterranean area. In India, Madhya Pradesh (Bina Ganj), Gujarat, Rajasthan, Assam, Best Bengal, Orissa and Upper Pradesh are the major producers.

Ground coriander is used as a spice in dishes like curry and in baked goods. Dry roast them in a pan or in the oven at a low temperature, then use a spice grinder to produce the ground coriander. Ground coriander can be found in soups, stews, and vegetable and meat dishes. It is part of many traditional spice blends in Indian, Middle Eastern, and African cuisines.

Country of Origin: India
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Made from traditional method to ensure premium quality and taste

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